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Who are we?

We are a singapore-based startup company (incorporated since 2010) that offer innovative solutions to target industries. We also designed customised, reliable and cost-efficient IT solutions to our customers.

To achieve this, we first gain a complete understanding of our client's problem and then offer simple and workable solutions that drives efficiency and improve profitability. With the emergence of mobile devices, we have established expertise in iPhone, iPad ,Android and getting ready for Windows Phone 8.

what we offer

If you have specific business IT requirements, don't hesitate. Feel free to drop us a mail, we will arrange a non-obligatory discussion as soon as possible.

why us

  • Strong Domain Expertise «Our continuous engagement in the domain industries enable us to speak the same language with clients and understand their business needs easily. This advantage help us save clients' precious time and cost while delivering the right solution. In addition, our clients appreciated our suggestion on other practises to complement their existing requirements.”»
  • Delivering Business Value «Our main objective is delivering good business value to clients beside focusing on technology aspect. This way we can offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business. End of the day, we can only do well when our clients are successful.”»
  • Technology Competence «Technology changes everyday, we constantly monitor the trends and development and upgrade our expertise accordingly. We are partners to various software vendors such as Microsoft and have access some of the latest trial versions available. Our in-house lab allows us to test your current deployed software with the latest added features before showing you our upgrade proposal.”»
  • Commitment to Quality «Despite delivering affordable solution,in no way will compromise our quality of our services. Quality affects confidence, cost and schedule, we have no doubt on this. We follows proven development methodologies on every project we undertake, slightly modified depending on the project size and complexity. A mandatory project plan outlines the risk mitigation, communication plans and a dedicated quality assurance department monitors project activities at all development phases.”»